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Utilizing the strength of sustainable industrial hemp fibers, we create only the highest quality denim products in the world; seeking to pursue and push the boundaries on the exploitation of hemp's features. From the office to our product, we are constantly looking for and capitalizing on every application of the plant.


Unique Break-In

After wear, the hemp fibers will begin to settle in the jeans, creating a wonderful, soft hand. After wash, the hemp fibers will fully relax and soften to a personalized fit.

Superior Durability

 Hemp stalks yield some of the strongest fiber known to man. With up to four times the tensile strength of cotton, your jeans can finally last as long as you want them to.            

Year Round Potential

Industrial hemp is a naturally moisture wicking fiber, relieving some of the "hot sticky" feeling in the summer. In the winter, its tough fiber particles create a unique insulation effect for a true, year round wear.

Bacteria Resistant

Cannabis fibers have very few bacterial enemies. Bacteria cause smelly jeans. We recommend low abrasion, low frequency washing techniques, so less smell is good.