Our Critical Points to Crafting Everlasting Garments

1. Exceptional Materials

For us, it all starts with quality in our materials. A product is only as strong as each component. Our hemp denim must follow the vigorous curation guidelines we have set in place. Along with premium hemp fabric reinforcements, our elements combine to create a new caliber of excellence and durability.

2.  World-Class Construction & Development

Through our passion for crafting the best denim garments in the world, we've found things like design and construction to be essential. With our in-house fashioned products, we seek to create both innovative and timeless designs focused on comfort, durability, and everyday wear. Strategic reinforcements with hemp fabric serve as a polish to our garments. Our products are manufactured in premium facilities, under meticulous degrees of construction by experienced industry professionals.

Not all denims are created equal

A shuttle loom weaving hemp denim

A shuttle loom weaving hemp denim

3. Culture & Lifestyle

Culture never dies. Ours forever strides toward sustainability. From the paper in our office, to the pockets in our jeans, we utilize hemp as a sustainable alternative. With a potential in over 10 industries, we have realized and committed to capitalizing on hemp's offerings.

4. Love

The Most Important Part

Magu Studios sprouted from a deep love for denim & appreciation for both industrial hemp's history & potential. We love what we do, and make sure each product illustrates this with quality & design, so that you can love it too. An honest process, by people with integrity.